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Saturday, November 17, 2012

A little rest, and some exciting news

Hey everyone,

I believe I left off on Tuesday trying to make you all believe that I was going to go for some glorious long run Wed morning in the early hours of the am.

Well, I woke up, I got ready, I headed out the door, and I ran aprox .3 miles around our block before I came home and called it a day. I am currently battling a cold, and Wednesday morning my body was not in the least bit interested in cooperating with my desire to run. My nose was running and my eyes were watering and I figured it wasn't going to be an enjoyable run so I might as well call it a rest day. Love my logic on this one, cause ya know...all runs are amazing ( not)

Instead I walked the 3 miles to a training I had to attend for work. That was plenty of fresh air and exercise for me for the day.

Greg and I made an awesome GLUTEN FREE dinner Wednesday night!! We made a big fratata with broccoli raube and a salad. It was delicious!! I will post the recipe soon! It was so simple and filling. No butter, or eggs added and it didn't need them!!

- My next post will include my adventures so far with Celiacs Disease and going Gluten Free.

Thursday I taught spin and sucked it up ( stupid cold)  enough to do some speed intervals on the treadmill after. I always do my speed work on Tue and Thurs after I teach spin. I know that realistically its not smart to work on speed after teaching spin for 45 min, but its so easy to do since I can just hop on the treadmill and bust it out without having to make an extra trip to the gym later in the week.

Yesterday I didn't have to work, so i ran a bunch of errands and busted out a long run including 4 miles with Stacy during her lunch. I'm still fighting a cold, but I'm drinking lots of tea and eating Clementine's like they are going out of style so I hope it helps soon!

The exciting news is that a bunch of my friends and I have come together and entered the lottery for the NWM half marathon in D.C My sister entered too!!!!! This will be her first half marathon and I so hope we get in!! There are some amazing women and great friends who have all joined to enter this race as a big group. It will be so much fun if we get in! Cross your fingers for us!!

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