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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Torn muscle?

Happy Sunday everyone! It's been a busy weekend around here. Yesterday was stressful as I was supposed to be participating in my first every duathalon ( 3 mile run, 11 mile bike, 2 mile run) this morning, but due to the SNOW it was postponed until next weekend. They did not post this info until almost 4pm yesterday so I spent much of the day worrying about getting a bike rack, and checking the website and weather every 15 min. In the process of this I began to feel slight pain and tenderness around where my lats are on the right side. I had NO IDEA why, and it started off just slightly uncomfortable. Similar to muscle soreness.... however, I havent worked out since thurs and only went on a 2.5 mile run fri. I thought this was weird, but was too busy refreshing weather.com on my computer to notice much. As the day/evening wore on I noticed I had some swelling in the area. And then I noticed I had a lot of swelling. By 10pm last night after asking my lovely boyfriend to look at it for the 10th time I offically freaked out. He looked at me with concern and said " it's really swollen". Insert instant panic. Its much easier to convince yourself that you dont have some horrible thing such as a spider bite taking the side of your body, or a growth that is soon going to consume you when you're the only one worried. When you involve someone else who seems worried as well you develope a whole new outlook that maybe these things are actually possible. So once I had calmed myself down long enough to talk instead of sob into the shirt of my boyfriend off to the ER we went.

I was seen pretty quickly and after noticing that my blood pressure was 128/76 I made a mental note to remember it as being the highest I have ever seen my BP. I think it was the hysterical crying and the walk in the snow that did it. I was seen by a doctor who I'm pretty sure was a resident and then by her supervising doctor. They seemed pretty puzzled and said that they would guess I had torn a muscle. Hmmm.... wouldn't I have felt that? Not sure what to think. I left the doctors with directions to ice, take 600mg of Motrin 3 times a day for 3 days and get in to see my PC as soon as possible. I've currently taken my 600mg twice today with not much relief and perhaps more swelling. I guess its going to be a busy morning of calling my doctor tomorrow. Anyone else ever have something so strange happen? Or tear a muscle on their side?

I guess it's for the better that it snowed and the duathalon was postponed. I have the option of doing it next Sunday or waiting until April. I may wait if this swelling business hasn't worked itself out by then. Here is to hoping the doctors office is slow tomorrow and they can fit me in!

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