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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hi everyone!! Welcome to my blog! I decided to start blogging after reading a blog from a friend I went to undergrad with.  I began to follow it almost daily and was incredibly motivated and inspired that she had the nerve and ability to write about her adventures and daily life's ups and downs.runningonwaffles. I wanted to share my stories, and be able to help (hopefully) inspire and motivate others...or at least entertain them.

I'm a runner so I thought I would also use this blog to help stay motivated myself. I thought that if I had to be honest and upfront about my training, my lack of training, and my goals it would help push me a little further. I also knew it might link me to other runners in the Boston area. I've ran several half marathons all over New England and a few in the Midwest. I've learned a lot from each race, sometimes about what I need and enjoy during a race and sometimes what I would never want to do or try again! I.E-GU....other suggestions welcome, gu and I are not friends.

I'm a pretty happy go lucky person, I dont take running tooooo seriously, but I love to race and I'm always happy with a good run and a great swag bag! I started running with a 5k as a junior in college. I was not fast, but it was fun and I got a bright green shirt out of it. How could I not enjoy that? I then followed up with a four mile race sometime beginning of my senior year, and then later I decided that before I graduated I wanted to run a half marathon. The Columbus Half Marathon in May to be exact. I had NO IDEA how to train, or what I was doing. I enlisted the help of a great professor in the Physical Edu department and tried my best to follow her instructions. I don't recall ever going on a "long run" but I guess I must have tried a few 8-9 milers somewhere in there. I ended up getting to the race and looking around in the starting corral until I saw someone my age. I walked up to her ( because apparently when I'm nervous and very scared I'll talk to anyone!) and asked if this was her first race. She said yes and then I asked if we could run together. How lucky!! I don't think I even asked how fast she ran! We busted it out, talking the entire way, she was younger than me and attending OSU. It was a great experience!! 3 years later, I'm still hooked! I would love to go back to Ohio and race the course again, to see what a difference there would be. Maybe next May? I guess that's how I got started. I started that race and I haven't  looked back!

I'm currently working as a personal trainer in Boston and applying to graduate school for physical therapy. Between juggling these things, living with two guys, and running I hope i can at least provide some entertainment and funny stories!  I hope you enjoy my blog, I can't wait to see what this part of my journey has in store! Stay tuned!

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